Environmental Benefits

Removing oil, hydrocarbons and industrial waste products from produced water, processed water or wastewater is both a legal and environmental responsibility. MyCelx can help your organisation achieve higher levels of water purity at lower costs than you might have thought possible.

Manufacturing MyCelx Has Zero Environmental Impact

Environmental impacts stars with the production of the patented MyCelx polymer. We create no waste products in our manufacturing process and we use all natural materials to make MyCelx. The MyCelx polymer is synthesized from naturally occurring vegetable oils. We achieve 100% conversion from raw materials into the polymer, resulting in no-waste by-products from the manufacturing process.

MyCelx In Use

Oil and gas organisations that use MyCelx systems have the lowest environmental impact and the cleanest water discharge. All meet or exceed local environmental regulations and provide ecologically friendly water treatment.

MyCelx is safe for employees to handle and reduces workers’ exposure to harmful chemicals.

Most importantly, MyCelx dramatically reduces harmful and toxic contaminants from industrial water discharge, saving precious water and preserving fragile ecosystems. Oil and gas producers that implement MyCelx can operate in a wider variety of environments with minimal impact.