Performance Benefits

MyCelx systems provide considerable benefits over conventional oil removal technologies and oily water treatment approaches.

These benefits fall into three performance categories: efficacy, footprint & weight and operational reliability.


The key reason to consider implementing a MyCelx system is its extreme effectiveness in removing oil and hydrocarbons from water. For a fraction of the cost of conventional filtration methods, MyCelx patented polymer and engineered solutions can remove oil to a critically low level. With smaller droplet size removal, discharging water with oil removed to less than 1 ppm with a no sheen discharge, key difference – treats emulsions not just free oil.

Hydrocarbon Water Separator

MyCelx Technology leads the way in hydrocarbon removal below 1ppm

Footprint & Weight

OLEOLOGY engineered systems are smaller than traditional separators and enable oil free water discharge to below 5ppm. The compact size and weight make portable oil and water separation units easy to assemble and ideal for offshore deployment and in space-constrained facilities or containerised delivered to site as a complete operational unit.

Operational Reliability

MyCelx systems are engineered to be simple to deploy, install and operate with minimal instruction or training, and are consistently reliable in delivering water quality.

Add these benefits to MyCelx’s rapid and emergency deployment capabilities worldwide significantly lower acquisition and operational costs and you have everything you need to answer the question, “Why should we implement MyCelx?”

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