Industrial Wastewater Filtration for Oil and Gas Operations

OLEOLOGY provides industry-leading water treatment systems for land-based and offshore oil and gas operations.

Our MyCelx oil water separator technology is more effective and efficient for handling “spikes” and low level oil and hydrocarbon removal than manual or chemical methods.


Why Is Industrial Wastewater Filtration Important?

Oil water separators are a more important part of the oil and gas industries than many people realise. Water becomes contaminated with oil at all levels of oil and gas operations, including exploration, production, refining, fuel distribution, and even where the product meets the consumer at petrol stations and industrial refuelling sites.

Water treatment systems are essential for three reasons: environmental regulations, water recycling, and asset recovery.


Environmental Regulations

Contaminated water from oil and gas operations can enter the local environment if not treated and managed properly. This creates environmental degradation as well as potentially serious financial and legal implications for companies.

OLEOLOGY’s MyCelx water treatment systems achieve oil and hydrocarbon removal of 99.9999% – leaving any runoff well below legally required levels.


Water Recycling

By reducing levels of contaminants to almost zero, OLEOLOGY’s oil water separator systems turn your industrial wastewater into an asset. The decontaminated water can be used onsite for cleaning, dust suppression, and a range of other uses. The water may also have further use for agricultural, municipal, or industrial uses by other organisations.


Asset Recovery

Another way to look at contaminated water is to see it as a barrier between you and a portion of your assets. Industrial water filtration with MyCelx will allow you to recover almost all of your assets from contaminated water. In a large operation, these savings will add up quickly.


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