Groundwater Treatment

OLEOLOGY provides a suite of groundwater treatment services for industries Australia-wide and in New Zealand. Our services include the latest industrial water filtration systems and custom solutions to manage specific local onsite needs. We combine this with our high-performance MyCelx filtration and related systems.


Groundwater Treatment, Risks, and Remediation Needs

Groundwater contamination issues may include major risks for businesses. Groundwater may carry pollutants throughout an environment, causing significant costs for remediation and serious issues for compliance.

Typical groundwater issues occur during heavy rain, through runoff, and in some cases, as a result of flooding. Groundwater may also be instrumental in bringing contaminants into discharge systems, rivers, and local water tables.

In some cases, groundwater contamination may affect local drinking water supplies and cause a significant health hazard. Under Australian laws, liability for such contamination and remediation can include significant costs. Compliance may even include shutting down operations until remediation is completed, another major cost impact. Water treatment systems must be able to manage these demands.


OLEOLOGY Groundwater Treatment Services and Support

OLEOLOGY provides a range of services for managing specific onsite groundwater issues. We provide our clients with technical guidance, practical remediation measures, and cost-effective operational solutions to manage groundwater issues effectively and in accordance with compliance standards.

Our services include:

  • Onsite remediation, either as a standalone system or in conjunction with onsite groundwater treatment facilities.
  • Filtration systems using the advanced MyCelx systems to deliver superior remediation and treatment.
  • Systems designed to eliminate groundwater treatment problems and ensure compliance standards are met.

Every business has its own local issues and specific system needs. We provide our services to deliver appropriate outcomes and meet the cost and compliance needs of our clients.


Ask OLEOLOGY for Solutions to Groundwater Problems

If you need help with groundwater issues, ask us for any services you need. For more information and expert help with your issues, call us on 1300 692 359 or contact us online.