Oil Spill Response

OLEOLOGY offers fast, efficient responses to oil spills around Australia. Our oil water separators allow for an effective reaction to oil spills in a variety of containment and removal scenarios.

Oil Spill Responses – Meeting the Need for Fast, Efficient Action

Oil contamination can be a serious health hazard and cause severe damage to local environments. Oil spills may range from common minor spills to the relatively rare major spills. Oil spills also involve mandatory compliance and clean-up requirements as dictated by environmental laws and regulations.

Proper management of oil spills involves both speed of effective response and capacity to manage high volumes of oil. Containing oil in a marine or river environment also often relates to local currents and the speed and movement of oil in these environments.

Best practice oil spill responses are based on meeting both local conditions and delivering effective containment of the oil spill. Boom systems are the most efficient and most reliable options for managing these needs.

Oil Spill Response Australia and New Zealand


OLEOLOGY and MyCelx Boom Technologies

OLEOLOGY uses MyCelx Rapid Deployment (RD) Booms for oil spill management. These advanced booms are instantly deployable onsite, lightweight, and highly efficient in removing oil from water.

The Rapid Depolyment Booms contain modern high-performance MyCelx technology  with its unique overlapping formation that can isolate the spill plus absorb and remove oil efficiently. A 45m boom can be deployed in one minute and managed by one onsite operator. This level of efficiency ensures a prompt, effective response.

The highly efficient MyCelx RD Booms are ideal for managing minor spills and they’re major assets for managing more severe spills. Booms can be deployed and re-deployed quickly to affected areas and begin operation immediately. See our featured case study of boom deployment to see actual onsite management of an oil spill.

Ask OLEOLOGY about Modern Oil Spill Responses

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