Wash Water Decontamination

OLEOLOGY offers advanced, cost-effective wash water decontamination services for industry. Our range of wash water decontamination services includes multi-stage decontamination and custom solutions to improve cost-efficiencies and ensure compliance.


About Wash Water Decontamination

Wash water may contain a vast range of contaminants. These materials may include free, soluable and emulsified oils, particulate solids, organic materials, and other contaminants, depending on the industry. Contaminants may include toxic materials or materials subject to statutory regulation.

Each type of contaminant in the wash water must be treated to ensure that discharge levels of contaminants are within regulatory limits.  This meticulous method of treatment also ensures that decontamination is thorough and effective.

Due to the many possible forms of contamination in different industries, wash water decontamination processes must be appropriate for managing specific contaminants. Best practice is to use advanced systems that deliver the capabilities to manage both compliance and process costs.


OLEOLOGY Wash Water Decontamination

OLEOLOGY uses a decontamination system that is adaptable to a very broad range of operational needs for our clients. We use a multi-stage methodology for decontamination of wash water:

  1. Oil separation: Oils are systematically separated from the wash water to remove free, soluable and emulsified oils.
  2. Solids removal: This is a method of filtration that extracts suspended solids from the wash water, such as dirt, grime, fuel and acquired industrial materials like coal from machine operation.
  3. Water polishing: The remaining waste water is filtered through our MyCelx filters. The filtration process ensures that the end stage water discharge quality is compliant. Treated water may also be used for a wide range of onsite needs.

Our wash water decontamination system is proven to deliver superior performance. We have achieved excellent results combined with clearly defined operational cost efficiencies.


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Case Study

  • Coal Mine Wash Water Decontamination

    With increased traffic a new HV & LV washbay was required and a compliant water treatment plant to manage the suspended solid loading with grease and oil spikes.