Water Recycling

OLEOLOGY provides a range of services for managing wash water recycling. Our services include wash water recycling systems as part of an existing wash water system and ‘as new systems’ for all kinds of water treatment plants.

Wash Water Recycling – Problems and Issues

Most businesses that manage large amounts of wash water are faced with multiple problems and potential issues:

  • Water costs: It’s important to get the best possible value from your water, both on a cost basis and for operational water efficiency. Wash water recycling reduces water usage very effectively.
  • “waste water” value: Some businesses generate thousands of litres of waste water which can be recycled in many useful operational roles such as irrigation or reuse on site. The financial savings are indicative of the value of recycled water of this kind.
  • Eliminating water wastage: Recycling water drastically reduces the risk of water removal costs. That’s important for businesses using mains water, as well as remote operations. Using dedicated recycled water for specific roles completely eliminates added costs and the risk of extra demand on water supplies.
  • Water recycling and water purification: The combination of water recycling and water purification can be a very efficient option. Purified water can be used in a variety of roles in areas where water scarcity is an issue.


OLEOLOGY Wash Water Recycling

OLEOLOGY combines best practice modern water treatment systems with site-specific wash water recycling needs. We use the latest MyCelx technology to augment wash water systems, delivering valuable recycled water on an ongoing basis for our clients.

We provide scalable services for high capacity wash water systems and smaller systems. We also offer a full range of services for systems requiring a strict level of environmental law compliance. We can also provide additional system features including accurate monitoring and water quality controls for compliance, as required. We also offer custom filter systems and design services for clients needing role-specific performance.


Contact OLEOLOGY for Wash Water Recycling Systems

If you need a better system, help with an existing system, or you are looking at better options for your wash water recycling, call us.  You can phone us on 1300 692 359 or contact us online. Ask our Engineers for any practical advice and services you need.

Case Studies

  • Heavy Vehicle Water Treatment Plant

    To keep up with the demand for clean reusable water at the required flow rate for the washbay cannons, the system had to be big in through put, but within a manageable footprint. The optimized process consists mainly of three stages (solids settling, oil separation and water polishing), each designed to achieve a specific goal.