Water Treatment Systems

OLEOLOGY offers a full range of services for water treatment systems for Australian and New Zealand industries. Our range of systems includes:

  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Industrial water treatments
  • Oil Water separatation
  • Ozone Sanitation
  • Ultraviolet water sanitiation
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Bilge water treatment
  • Industrial wastewater filtration
  • Hydrocarbon and metal contamination removal
  • Water purification treatment
  • PFOA/PFOS Removal


Water Treatment Systems Overview

All water treatment systems have one thing in common – they all have specific onsite needs. Many industries require multi-stage filtration systems for discharge water quality management. Others require water oil separators and compliance-related water purification treatments.

The major issue for businesses regarding water treatment systems is cost-effectiveness. Not all water treatment systems are equal, and in many cases, modernisation is the key to improving bottom line operational values.

Older systems can be major liabilities. In some cases, they’re no longer compliant with higher water quality standards. In other cases, they’re simply inefficient and expensive to maintain, a cost burden with potential legal liabilities if they can’t meet the demands of their roles.

Best practice for modern water treatment plants is custom-designed, purpose-built treatment systems specifically made for their roles. These systems are far more cost-effective and deliver significantly higher performance standards.


Water Treatment Systems by OLEOLOGY

We offer a complete range of market leading water treatment systems for all types of industry, local government, and infrastructure businesses.

Our systems offer highly cost-efficient solutions for all types of water treatment, water remediation and water recycling needs. We provide a range of custom design services for water filtration systems, designed and made for specific roles for our clients.

OLEOLOGY is your oil-free specialists for all your water treatment needs. We also help our clients with:

  • Onsite water management problems
  • Modernisation and retrofit upgrades
  • Customised System design, including new systems for existing water treatment facilities
  • Stormwater drop in systems
  • Washbay water treatment and water discharge quality


Contact OLEOLOGY for Water Treatment Solutions

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