Install & Operational

Oil Water Separator Installation

Oily Water & Wash Water Separation Unit, Located in Engine Maintenance Bay

Operational Benefits

MyCelx engineered and patented systems may be installed as plug-and-play, without any complex controls, or designed specifically and purpose built to your specified application requirements. That means that MyCelx components, like the MyCelx Advanced Polisher, can be implemented into existing water treatment trains without complex controls or user training.

Easy Operation and Future Performance

After the oil and water separator installation and commissioning, there is very little training or instruction required for operation. Your existing staff can easily operate your new MyCelx system.

The most important operational benefit is that MyCelx systems are 100% fail-safe. If your upstream equipment fails, MyCelx will continue removing oil from your water stream. Oil is chemically bonded by MyCelx and will never be released back into the water, so you can be confident that your Water Recycling System will continue running smoothly and effectively.

Our water treatment systems can handle oil spikes of up to 30% oil.

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