The OLEOLOGY Water Treatment Plant (WTP) can be a standalone system or retrofitted for the treatment of contaminated water.

The WTP utilizes a variety of MyCelx patented filtration media, the selection of which, when put into a series of filtering stages, enables gradual reduction of typical water contaminants from solids, hydrocarbons, emulsions, metals, organics, semi-soluble and soluble contaminants including PFAS to be removed.

Future-proofing against tighter discharge criteria – OLEOLOGY has proven the MyCelx technology to remove hydrocarbons and all PFAS “types” short & long chain and pre-cursors – this is unique to MyCelx – providing the client with significantly better discharge water specification across the full range of measurable analytes.

  • Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore
  • Heavy/Light Vehicle Wash Water Recovery
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Marine - Slipway Recycling & Reuse
  • Marine – Bilge and Ballast Treatment
  • Oily Water Separation and Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Storm Water Systems – Very High flow sheen removal
  • PFAS 99% Removal - To below levels of detection
  • PCB Groundwater – Specialised oil filtration to very low PPB (Non Detectible)
  • Air Filtration – Oil and Odour removal
  • Spill Response – Water or Ground Contamination

Any situation requiring the most effective water treatment can be engineered and manufactured to customise your needs and is fit for purpose.