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OLEOLOGY provides a range of advanced, highly efficient services for upstream and downstream effluent management.

We provide services for:

  • Oil/hydrocarbon in water management
  • Water polishing
  • Mercury removal
  • BTEX removal
  • Hire services
  • On-board discharge systems
  • Refinery & Terminal water treatment

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Welcome to the New Generation of Water Treatment.

Learn about the new generation of oily-water treatment with Paul Callaghan from OLEOLOGY. We talked about the most advanced solutions to recycle and decontaminate water from Mercury, Hydrocarbons, Organics and Oils in a quicker, simpler, more cost-effective way.
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Major Result, Minor Scale.

The above images highlight the differences between the old Gradual Activated Carbon (GAC) system, was then replaced with a MyCelx skid. The improved performance was seen in the management of oil spikes, compliant discharge, reduction in space and lower weight on the offshore platform. Ultimately the reduction of personnel maintaining the system reduced the OPEX while still maintaining the flow rate of the previous system.

Offshore Systems

Australia’s offshore oil and gas industries demand high-performance effluent and treatment systems. Top priority is given to compliance, cost-efficiency and proper management of high volume operations, which require strict management of effluent and discharge.

OLEOLOGY is at the forefront of management systems in these fields. Incorporating MyCelx technology, the removal of contaminants exceeds other existing conventional equipment on the market.

As seen on the left, the duty and standby skid mounted system was able to be deployed and easily installed on the floating platform. Overall package size; 3.3m (long) x 2.1m (wide) treated 80cu.m/hr or 503 barrels per hour. The design of duty and standby trains, will maintain onsite processing and will not impact flow even in the course of filters to be changed out.

OLEOLOGY has excelled in engineering to simplify the design for quick onsite commissioning and decommissioning while maintaining build specifications for industry standards.

Further details can be requested for more information or hire.

Onshore Systems

ELOR is the “Extended Life Oil Removal” and can be achieved even with high free and emulsified oil levels in the process water.

How is this done? Systematic filtering in a series to achieve greatest oil recovery of free oil (ie. MyCelx Advanced Coalescer) and further water polishing (ie. MyCelx Polishing Filters).

OLEOLOGY provides expertise to engineer solutions as achieved in the system featured below. Required to remove free and dispersed oil droplets and BTEX to achieve required discharge limits.

OLEOLOGY  Water Treatment Systems achieve excellent metrics with a compliant outflow and achieved these results with a much smaller footprint. The team at OLEOLOGY has experience and a proven record to achieve client management goals and maintain a high level of excellence in performance.

Solution that is Scalable

OLEOLOGY water treatment systems can be directly scaleable from bench trials to large-scaled refineries.

Due to the custom design for any onshore or offshore water treatment plant, any upgrade or retrofit system can be engineered to the clients specifications.

Whether it’s a full-scale water treatment system for an offshore rig or a smaller localised system for an oil-water separator role, OLEOLOGY can provide a solution. The OLEOLOGY Oil & Gas engineers can also assist with upgrades and modernisation of existing systems as required.

If you are looking to source market-leading water quality and management systems for current operations or future projects, talk to the OLEOLOGY team today for more information on what solutions are available. Either call on 1300 681 473 or contact us online. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to one of our water treatment specialists about your requirements right now, you can use our online chat.

OLEOLOGY can deliver all the services, support, and systems you need. We can also provide practical assistance with system design, problem-solving, and remediation services.