Offshore Water Treatment for Oil & Gas

OLEOLOGY provides a range of advanced, highly efficient services, onboard water treatment systems for offshore oil and gas industry effluent management.

We provide services for:

  • Oil and hydrocarbon management
  • Onboard discharge systems
  • Compliance discharge levels
  • Oil-water separation
  • < 1 ppm effluent discharge systems


Offshore Management Systems – Overview

Australia’s offshore oil and gas industries demand high-performance effluent and treatment systems. Top priority is given to compliance, cost-efficiency and proper management of high volume operations, which require strict management of effluent and discharge. OLEOLOGY is at the forefront of management systems in these fields. We use the latest MyCelx Technologies to deliver superior solutions.
Offshore Water Treatment for Oil and Gas

OLEOLOGY Offshore Rig Case Study

In a recent case study related to offshore rig effluent system needs, we achieved a successful outcome by replacing an existing system with an OLEOLOGY  Water Treatment System. Our WTS achieved excellent metrics with a compliant outflow and achieved these results with a much smaller footprint, which reduced onboard space usage for the treatment system.


Our Offshore Systems Services

OLEOLOGY offers a range of services for offshore effluent management. We provide technical expertise and the latest technologies for our clients to help them achieve management goals and maintain a high level of excellence in performance.

We provide fully scalable services according to client needs. Whether it’s a full-scale water treatment system for an offshore rig or a smaller localised system for an oil-water separator role, we can provide a solution for you. We can also assist with upgrades and modernisation of existing systems as required.


Ask OLEOLOGY about Offshore Water Treatment Solutions

If you’re trying to source market leading water quality and management systems for your offshore operations, talk to us. OLEOLOGY can deliver all the services, support, and systems you need. We can also provide practical assistance with system design, problem-solving, and remediation services. To discuss your needs with our experts, call us on 1300 692 359 or contact us online. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to one of our water treatment specialists about your requirements right now, you can use our online chat.


This is a simple connect and run system layout, with a minimum footprint of 1500 x 1800mm with a maximum flow rate of 5,000L/hr.

5.0m3/hr Oil Water Separator with 3 Polishing Filter Housings

5.0m3/hr Oil Water Separator with 3 Polishing Filter Housings


Off Shore 10ft Container for easy onsite installation

Off Shore 10ft Container for easy site delivery and installation