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    Water Treatment

Oily and contaminated water presents particular problems in marine applications – such as on board ships or in marinas. When far from land, clean water is an even more precious resource than usual. The environmental hazards posed by contaminated water are also heightened in marine environments.

Our Water Filtering or Recycling System

OLEOLOGY’s water recycling systems the ideal solution for dealing with contaminated water streams on shore, whether for total recycling or safe discharge in the ocean. We use MyCelx filters to remove 99.9999% of oil and other contaminants from marine wastewater, leaving it ready for reuse and well below the required levels for environmental discharge.

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The Need for Marine Water Treatment

As allowed discharge levels decrease and the importance of environmental compliance increases, water treatment is more important than ever in marine environments.

Clean Marina Accreditation

When boats come in to dock at your marina, they need to be able to wash down without dumping oily, contaminated water in the marina or harbour. As an International Clean Marina Partner, OLEOLOGY is proud to offer cost-effective and proven solutions for marinas seeking Clean Marina accreditation. Our water treatment systems allow marina wash bays conducting boat hull cleaning to treat wastewater using MyCelx filters. The treated water can then be reused for cleaning or safely discharged into the bay.

Minimising Bilge Water Oil

Pumping bilge water out of commercial, merchant, or fishing vessels is very important, but untreated bilge water is not suitable to be emptied into the ocean. It is a requirement for all ships to monitor the amount of oil being discharged with their bilge water.

Stormwater. The essential Snippet Bag.

Protect your marinas with the lightweight snippet bags to remove stormwater contaminants. Easily install in any existing stormwater pits to remove oils and hydrocarbons left from neighbouring carparks before reaching the harbour or bay.

More Benefits of OLEOLOGY Systems

When OLEOLOGY systems are implemented the results are immediate:

  • Ability to recycle 100% of water used in maintenance operations
  • Real-time online water quality monitoring
  • Reduced water costs
  • Discharge compliance
  • Reduced costs for environmental monitoring, sampling, and reporting
  • No chemicals are used in our systems, meaning no replacement and storage costs & no further contaminants are added to the water

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