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The importance of water decontamination in the mining industry cannot be overstated. Mining is the second-largest industrial water consumer worldwide, with only agriculture using more water. Due to the sheer volume of water involved in mining operations, good water management is critical.

Choose OLEOLOGY’s superior water treatment solutions for your mine in WA or throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How Will an OLEOLOGY Water Decontamination System Benefit Your Mine?

When you choose OLEOLOGY for your mining water treatment, you get the benefit of cutting-edge MyCelx technology. MyCelx bonds with oil and hydrocarbons at a molecular level, removing 99.9999% of contaminants from your wastewater, enabling reuse and thereby reducing capital cost of potable water plants such as RO. With added features peace of mind with full compliance and reducing site consumption

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Recycling Wash bay Water

Wash bays typically produce water containing a range of pollutants – such as oil, grease, fuel, surfactants, degreaser, significant suspended solids, and emulsified and soluble hydrocarbons – all of which are treatable with MyCelx technology.

Our HV and LV wash water recycling systems (WWRS) are superior water decontamination and recycling solutions. They prevent recontamination through the use of MyCelx treatments.

An OLEOLOGY WWRS can be customised to suit flow rates between 1,000L/hr and 100,000L/hr while removing contaminants well below industry requirements. Our systems are able to treat water from a variety of sources in the mining industry, including:

  • LV Wash
  • HV Wash
  • Workshop
  • Bore Water
  • Process Water
  • Dust Suppression
  • Fuel Bunds

Recycle or Repurpose

OLEOLOGY wash bay water treatment systems can function cyclically – where decontaminated water is reused for washing. The purified water can be also used for other purposes such as:

  • Dust suppression
  • Water for cooling systems or boilers
  • Reuse in non-drinking applications, such as toilets or hand washing
  • Vehicle or facility washing and hosing down
  • Artificial recharge of aquifers
  • Tailings dams and ponds
  • Belt filter presses
  • Wet screening

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

There are strict environmental regulations surrounding industrial water management. By removing contaminants from your wastewater, we ensure you meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Further reducing contaminants in water discharged to the environment mitigates potential future liability from a contaminated site legislation.

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