Retrofit Wash Water Recycling System

CUSTOMER: Multi-national Mining Company
LOCATION: Pilbara Region, Western Australia


Reuse water from HV Washbay for Dust Suppression


10 KL/hr


Treat process water with contaminant levels:

Hydrocarbons in emulsified form, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) >395mg1L


Average discharge levels after the OLEOLOGY Plant:

TPH <15 ppm
Oil Droplet <1 micron
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) <10mg1L

Company profile

  • This major iron ore miner exports to the world from mines in the WA Pilbara region
  • Full site facilities to enable open cut mining
  • Minesite requirement to manage dust and water usage

Business Situation

The existing hydrocyclone water treatment system was not discharging water to a compliant level to reuse onsite.
The upgraded washbay required a compliant water treatment plant for water recycling. Monitoring equipment and incorporated programming was necessary for the overall integration of each facility supplying and drawing from the Water Treatment Plant.

Technical situation

Dust suppression is carried out daily. The water is to be fit for reuse as the overspray may come in to contact with onsite staff and as such must be free of bacteria and be suitably sanitized.
The existing treatment plant could not remove the smaller solid particles that resulted in blocked spray nozzles. Additionally, the level of hydrocarbons present in the discharge water was above maximum levels of allowable discharge levels. This meant that the operation of the washbay was limited due to the cost of operation and lost opportunity to reuse onsite.


The water treatment is staged beginning with oil & heavy solids removal in series followed by Water Polishing by the specialised MyCelx filters. Remote monitoring of the Recycling System enables the office engineers to check-in to the systems operation.
The system is completely automatic which enables a reliable outcome and reduced time by onsite staff to monitor the operation of the system.

Benefits & Impact

The commissioned HV Water Treatment Plant enabled the following benefits:

  • Reduce water usage – potable water usage has declined with the incline of recycled water onsite
  • Reduce running costs
  • Risk reduction for environmental compliance

Further Information

Please call OLEOLOGY +61 1300 948 756 or email