• Rapid Deployment Booms

    Fremantle Port Authority have utilised OLEOLOGY to set up Rapid Deployment Booms (RD Booms) to effectively capture oil contamination in the harbour.

Further enhancing the capture capacity of the MyCelx booms, MyCelx Versimats were deployed inside the containment booms further increasing the oil capture capacity by up to 40 to 100kg.

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RD Boom deployed off a fuel jetty demonstrating the lightness and flexibility of the boom

water treatment

Deployment into Harbour with Absorption Rate 50x more than Conventional Booms/Sorbents

Conventional booms and oil removal media are difficult to store, slow to deploy, require a team of people and can release oil back into the water.

See the Boom in action

New MyCelx RD Booms

  • Can be Deployed by one person in <1 minute
  • Can be Recovered and Restored back into the drum in <5 minutes
  • Light Weight – Easy and Safe to Handle
  • Permanent Oil Removal – No Leaching
  • Completely Oleophilic – Floats Indefinitely in Water even when Saturated with Oil
  • No Biological Degradation/Deterioration
  • Adaptability to extreme weather conditions – Excellent Freeze Thaw Capabilities and Made for Australian Heat Conditions
  • Can be deployed by Internal Response Group

Rapid Deployment (RD) Boom (left) and Versimats (right)

RD Boom is Deployed into Fremantle Harbour During Spill Response Training

MyCelx Oil Spill Products Vs Standard Sorbent Booms

  • Most Cost Affective – 14-25kg of Product Capture per 250mm length of Boom with no water retention
  • High Absorption Factor – 50-100x more than Conventional Spill Booms or Sorbents
  • Resides on Oil Water Interface – Maximum Surface Area Exposure for Sheen Removal

Rapid Deployment Booms.