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MyCelx permanently removes oil and hydrocarbons from water.
You won’t find a more effective, low cost, ecologically friendly water treatment solution available today. With MyCelx breakthrough scientific technology, OLEOLOGY is solving the world’s toughest problems in removing oil, hydrocarbons, PFAS, Mercury and more from water.

Many Solutions One Technology

.0001% Purity.

Less than 1 ppm, MyCelx is an oil-free water technology. It’s a new and more advanced oil removal solution for the oil and gas, mining, and water treatment industries. MyCelx isn’t just a filter and is not a chemical treatment. The MyCelx process is based upon molecular cohesion for permanent removal of oil from water. Oil is removed to critically low levels of less than 1 ppm, well below standard requirements. Compliant with government regulations, this water can be recycled or discharged to the environment for example as dust suppression.

Where Conventional Systems Fail

Conventional systems try to remove oil and hydrocarbons from water by mechanical separation or in combination with chemical injection. That approach requires a long sequence of steps and is prone to system bottleneck and failures. When the composition or loading of oil and hydrocarbon changes, these systems can even release oil back into the stream.

MyCelx doesn’t just mechanically filter or separate oil – it permanently binds with oil through molecular cohesion. Once oil comes in contact with MyCelx, it cannot be released back into the water. MyCelx provides the lowest ppm levels and smaller droplet size removal than any other system on the market.

Scientific, Reliable Oil & Hydrocarbon Removal

MyCelx systems use a scientific and reliable approach for removing oil and hydrocarbons for produced and process water or wastewater recycling and reuse. MyCelx answers the call for meeting and exceeding regulations for water purity. When you are unable to meet strict enforcement levels with conventional approaches, MyCelx can help you meet or exceed those standards quickly, efficiently and at a surprisingly low cost.

MyCelx is an ecologically friendly water treatment – protecting the environment and your operation by keeping oil where it should be: inside your production environment.

MyCelx can be deployed as emergency and remedial measures to supplement conventional oil water separators. These systems rely on mechanical separation by SG differential and do not meet required goals, however, MyCelx can be used as a complete replacement of conventional systems. The MyCelx change can be a decisive and innovative driver of operational improvement for more efficient and lower cost oily water treatment.

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Remote Monitoring

Ensure your system is running monthly with remote access on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Take the stress away and know with confidence that your system is operating at optimal performance.

An assigned OLEOLOGY technician will monitor your system daily, plus submit a Monthly Report including additional advice and support.

Remote monitoring via offsite support has help many clients in reducing their operating costs, maintain water quality and extending the life of their system.


Safety is important for everyone. OLEOLOGY uses the latest safety apps for onsite monitoring with Australian standard safety features on each treatment system.

OLEOLOGY and the Environment

Each treatment system is designed with the following features to reduce its environmental impact:

Reduce Environmental Impact

  • Capable to recycle water onsite and reduce potable water usage

Smarter Design

  • Remove oil and hydrocarbon for discharge to environment
  • Minimal disturbance to environment

Responsible Materials

  • Recycle of materials to minimize waste
  • Minimizing transportation of materials by using local content

Our Mission

OLEOLOGY organises a recycling plan to reduce waste and impact by creating solutions to discharge water well below regulation limits.

We continuously aim to improve health and safety in the workplace through consultation and increased health and safety awareness of.