Sensitive Environment Water Discharge

CUSTOMER: Multi-national Oil & Gas Company
LOCATIONS: Multiple locations worldwide


Condensate water & TPH removal treatment onsite


5 KL/hr (83L/min)


Treat Process Water with Contaminant Levels:

Grease & Oil: Emulsified
Condensate: Up to 100mg/L


Discharge Levels After OLEOLOGY System:

TPH  <5ppm
TSS <5mg/L (<2 micron nominal)
Oil Droplet <1 micron

Company profile

This major oil and gas exporter to the world from locations worldwide
Trial location for further exploration in other remote and sensitive environments

Technical situation

The condensate water was collected in tanks and required treatment by an oil-water separator with MyCelx filter polishing to ensure discharge to be less than 5ppm. The water treatment system required the capability to remove emulsified oils for compliant discharge to a “Class A” nature reserve


The primary oil removal stage (MyCelx Coalescer) has significantly reduced oil levels and managed the oil spikes without compromising the effluent. Final polishing of the water by the MyCelx Filters removed any condensate and other emulsified hydrocarbons to ensure the constant discharge quality.

Benefits & Impact

The commissioned HV Water Treatment Plant enabled the following benefits:

  • Reduce water usage onsite
  • Water quality monitored
  • Reduce running costs
  • Oil Spike management without compromising discharge quality
  • Risk reduction for environmental compliance
  • Small footprint (2.5m x 2.5m)

Further Information

Please call OLEOLOGY 1300 948 756 or email