Quickly learn how the Oleology system works


Advanced Water Treatment Systems for Australia and NZ

OLEOLOGY is a Perth-based company that’s committed to creating cleaner water for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We offer advanced oil and hydrocarbon removal solutions that make recycling and decontaminating water quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective.

Our Industrial Wastewater Filtration Technology

Whether you belong to a city council or a mining company, OLEOLOGY offers the solution. We use an innovative technology called MyCelx for superior results.

While other oil water separators (OWS) rely on mechanical separation or chemicals, MyCelx actually bonds with oil and other contaminants at a molecular level. This means oils, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants are removed almost completely without any water loss. Some of MyCelx’s many benefits are:

  • Contaminant levels reduced to less than 0.0001% or one part per million
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Easy to install, low maintenance, and cost effective
  • Can be customised to meet your flow rate and discharge requirements in a small footprint

Applications for Our Oil Water Separators

OLEOLOGY’s water treatment system is uniquely versatile – wherever oils, organics, hydrocarbons, TPH, PCBs, or BTEX are present, we can help. Our clients include local councils, oil and gas companies, mining operations, and marine washdown bays.


City Council Applications

Councils can benefit from an OLEOLOGY Water Treatment System by:

  • recycling 100% of water used in Street Sweepers/Washers and maintenance operation depots
  • Minimising liquid waste & water trucking costs
  • With real time online water quality monitoring, hydrocarbon & organic odour removal and more.

One of the most common uses for MyCelx is stormwater recovery, such as our extensive work on stormwater drains in Perth’s commercial district.


Uses for Oil and Gas Companies

OLEOLOGY’s industrial wastewater filtration systems for offshore oil & gas operations are ideal as stringent Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulations must be met. Our oil water treatment stages far exceed the necessary purification levels, and the enhanced efficiency of MyCelx can also bring space savings of up to 60%.


Helping Mining Operations

Water treatment for Australia’s mining operations involve the use of HV and LV wash bays that create large volumes of contaminated water runoff. Our water treatment systems allow solids, oils, and other contaminants to be removed at minimal cost. This helps sites to meet environmental regulations while further reducing costs by providing treated water for use in applications such as dust suppression or use as wash water.


Marine Applications With Wash Water Recycling Systems (WWRS)

Our Wash Water Recycling Systems for Marinas provides the ideal solution for contaminated water streams and for marinas seeking International Clean Marina Accreditation.

MyCelx technology also provides a speedy and efficient oil spill response.


Discover Superior Water Treatment Systems Today

Wherever you are in Australia or New Zealand, OLEOLOGY can provide custom-built water treatment, and oil water separator technology to meet your needs.

From stormwater recovery to industrial wastewater filtration, you’ll see better results at a lower cost with OLEOLOGY. Call us on 1300 948 756 or enquire online today.