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Oil & Gas

Onshore and offshore solutions for high-flow rate and discharge compliance requirements.


Designed to remove oil and heavy solid with the technology edge to recycle water onsite to compliant levels.


Heavy duty systems designed to recycle water onsite or discharge to below complaint level.


Slipway water recycling, bilge water treatment or spill kits are designed specifically for marine requirements.


Known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS does not naturally degrade in the environment, making them a global point of concern.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our valued clients are provided with engineered solutions to fit existing systems or we manufacture new Waste Water Recycling Systems (WWRS). Oleology engineering develops all designs in 3D imaging to provide our clients with an exact representation of their water treatment system before the oil water separator is manufactured.

Oil Water Separators and Spills

Oil Water Separators

MyCelx engineered and patented systems may be installed as plug-and-play, without any complex controls, or designed specifically and purpose built to your specified application requirements. That means that MyCelx components, like the MyCelx Advanced Polisher, can be implemented into existing water treatment trains without complex controls or user training.

Water Sanitation

UV Water Treatment

Comprehensive Water Treatment solutions from OLEOLOGY. Compact in size

Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone is a green solution to further treating and disinfecting wastewater. Ozone is produced on site and is all natural, formed from only oxygen.