Either your looking for a new Oil Water Separator (OWS) or have an existing system, OLEOLOGY can supply and/or provide maintenance for any type of oil separator.

Oil Water Separators (OWS)

Our Technicians can service your existing oily water seperator plus provide a
Compliance Report. Each Service includes:

  • Discharge Sampling & Analysis – NATA Accredited Lab Water Analysis
  • Check Belt tension and condition
  • Check Gearbox oil
  • Check pump operation; check oil & water leaks
  • Clean out filter bags
  • Clean out Separator fins and check flow
  • Check all nuts and bolts including gear box shaft bolt for tension
  • Check for faults in mainframe
  • Check RCD operation if applicable
  • Check float switch operation and cable integrity
  • Inspect pump condition

OLEOLOGY offers a range of custom and standard solutions for oil water separation systems and hydrocarbon separators. We provide top of the line MyCelx Technology combined with case-specific filtration and separation services for our clients.

Oil Separator Systems – Critical Factors

Oil separator systems are essential requirements for many industrial, infrastructure management, marine and local governments. The usual issues for these operators are:

Types of oils and hydrocarbons: Oils found in water sources or processed water will range from crude, free and soluable oils. Upon contact and mixing of the oil and water, the oil will become emulsified. Emulsified oils are the hardest to treat and require specific techniques.

  • Oil Separators: Mainstream oil water separators may deal with high oil loading which can affect the efficiency and discharge levels. Gravity or hydrocyclone separators are limited by their capacity to remove enough oil to compliant levels. Oil droplet size is vital and is not monitored in mainstream OWS systems.
  • Cost of systems: Oily water and water treatment systems must be cost-effective at all stages of filtration and operation. In many cases, system modernisation is the simplest way to reduce costs and improve quality assured performance.
  • Local site issues: Depending on location, particularly in remote regions, the need for oil water separators may include factors like water system management, recycled water, and similar maintenance costs for water quality.
  • Compliance: In any environment, oil water separation includes a range of environmental and industrial compliance issues.

It should be noted that cost is a common factor to all these issues. In practice, it’s important to focus on water treatment cost-efficiencies to eliminate both technical and compliance issues effectively.

OLEOLOGY Oil Water Separators and Custom Solutions

In all industrial water treatment systems that include water oil separators, there may be a diverse range of onsite needs.  Best practice is to address the local system requirements to achieve an appropriate performance and cost-effective solution.

OLEOLOGY provides various flow rate options to suit your site requirements and use.

To decrease your OPEX you can benefit from the Mycelx Advanced Coaslescer (MAC), designed to discharge 99% of oil. This new style of oily water seperator will only discharge when a high level of oil has coalesced with Mycelx filters to deliver a custom solution.

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