Frequently Asked Questions

MyCelx Technology Offers

  • Environmentally Green Engineered Oily Water Filtration and Hydrocarbon Odour Removal Solutions
  • The only technology certified by Lloyd’s Register, UK for oily water treatment and discharge into marine environments
  • Deployed and implemented in over 100 installations in major petrochemical, oil & gas, marine, power and utilities, government and military, and manufacturing industries.
  • Fast - Small Footprint, Low pressure drop, High Throughput
  • Easy – Operator Friendly, Low Manpower Requirements, Simple Maintenance
  • Economical - Lowest capital and competitive operating costs

Looking for a hire system?

MyCelx Technology is Green Technology

  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Smallest footprint and most efficient process for oil contamination removal
  • Lowest disposable/recyclable by-products
  • MyCelx Technology utilises a fully green manufacturing process with 100% conversion of raw products to finished goods

Why choose MyCelx Oil Removal Technology?

  • No visible oil sheen guaranteed in the effluent
  • Instant and permanent oil removal – GRO, DRO and oils (free, dispersed and emulsified)
  • Smaller footprint and weight to high oil removal and hydrocarbon capture efficiency
  • No additional pump requirement – requires less than 1 bar to operate –Fixed Oil Removal Capacity – Effectiveness does not vary with influent concentration
  • Simple process – safe and easy to use
  • Low handling or maintenance time – no electrical or mechanical moving parts
  • Internationally proven and over 500 oil removal installations
  • Certified by Lloyds Register to meet low discharge levels in oily water
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Ability to meet 1 ppm or less on oil removal
  • No sludge waste
  • No liquid or oily water waste