• PCB Removal

OLEOLOGY offers safe, efficient PCB removal services for industries, local government, and businesses. Our systems have proven results to achieve excellent compliance across a variety of different levels of discharge requirements.

PCB Removal Overview

PCBs are an extremely dangerous class of chemicals, responsible for serious health hazards worldwide. PCBs are subject to strict regulation in Australia and NZ and have demanding standards for management. Although PCBs have been banned globally and are no longer manufactured, they are still persistent high-risk chemicals in the environment.

Various forms of PCBs often appear in drainage and other water management systems. PCBs remaining in the environment are typically transported by runoff, flooding, and similar events. PCBs may travel considerable distances before being detected.

Amounts of PCBs vary considerably, from relatively low levels to significant hazards. Where detected, PCBs must be managed strictly in compliance with regulatory requirements. PCB removal operations must consistently comply with safeguard levels and deliver compliant levels in water discharge.

Our PCB Removal Services

OLEOLOGY provides expert services for the management of PCBs. Our services include:

  • Provision of compliant PCB removal systems on a scalable basis, according to client requirements.
  • Technical guidance for compliance, treatment, and management of PCBs.
  • Help and support for upgrades and modernisation of older systems.
  • Ongoing support and maintenace for installed systems.

PCB management may involve many different types of environment. OLEOLOGY specialises in delivering appropriate PCB removal systems on a case by case basis according to the local situation.

Our MyCelx PCB Removal Systems

We use the superior MyCelx range for PCB removal. MyCelx incorporates advanced water filtration treatment and very reliable metrics to ensure system performance and compliance. MyCelx systems are designed to ensure that PCB removal is consistently efficient and remains within permissible levels.

Ask Us about PCB Removal

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