Air Filtration

OLEOLOGY provides efficient air filtration services to manage airborne oil fumes and odour contamination.

Our air filtration and air purification services include:

  • Air conditioning systems remediation
  • Recirculation filtration
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Adaptation of existing air conditioning systems for improved filtration


Air Filtration – Key Issues

Air contamination issues may include fumes from onsite sources or external sources. Contamination may affect only one area, or several, depending on the source and nature of the contaminant present in the air.

Air quality is a critical factor in onsite safety and workplace risk management. Contaminated air, particularly air containing petrol, oil, or other potentially hazardous chemicals, can cause serious health risks, especially for those onsite with respiratory conditions. Fumes may also contaminate organic materials, like foods.

The top priority in airborne fume management is to ensure safe, secure, and uncontaminated air supply to affected areas. This may involve advanced filtration of air entering the affected areas. Advanced filter systems ensure a safe supply of air with minimal contamination.


OLEOLOGY Air Filtration Systems and Services

OLEOLOGY air filtration services are provided according to case-specific onsite needs. We use our highly flexible, adaptable filtration systems to deliver a customised solution to meet client needs.

We deploy the well-proven MyCelx air filtration systems as a reliable all-purpose filtration solution that delivers excellent results, even in complex, multiple-area cases of airborne contamination. These versatile MyCelx air filtration solutions can also be adapted to supplement or replace existing filters according to the situation.

MyCelx is designed to remove contaminants and odours. These highly advanced filters are ideal for managing common airborne contaminants like oil and fuel smells.  MyCelx  can also act as ongoing decontaminant agents, preventing recurrence of problems.


Ask OLEOLOGY about Air Filtration

For more information about our air filtration systems and services, call us on 1300 692 359 or contact us online. We’ll be able to provide you with expert support to manage air filtration and deliver top quality solutions for your place of business. If you’d like to talk to one of our engineers right now, you can also contact us using our online chat.

Case Study

  • Air Filtration for an Analysis Laboratory - Oil & Fuel Odour

    A leading metals, oil and water analysis laboratory in Perth needed to remove oil and fuel odours being recirculated through the various specialist laboratories via the air conditioning system. Oleology provided a simple solution using MyCelx Oil Arrest OA filters.