Marine Harbour – Quickest Boom Deployment

The use of MyCelx Rapid Deploy booms has proven to be a major benefit to members at the yacht clubs along the Swan River in Perth.In order to protect the environment, boats and yacht clubs – from the problems associated with spills and oily bilge water losses to the river – have taken on the MyCelx (RD) Rapid Deploy Booms.
Spills are able to be attended by a single member without assistance due to the light weight and easy to deploy boom system.

50 metres of the MyCelx RD boom, weighing less than 15kg is able to be deployed in less than a minute to a body of water containing a spill or sheen coming into the club area quickly before damage can be done.

The same boom is then able to be retrieved and returned to its container by a single person in less than five minutes, gathering no more than a cup full of water, ready for the next deployment.