The Importance of Groundwater Remediation
Groundwater Remediation

The Importance of Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation, as the name suggests, is the process of identifying and fixing groundwater problems, usually pollution or other contaminants. In some cases, groundwater remediation is the only way to solve potentially destructive environmental and health problems for whole communities. Groundwater remediation is a huge global industry, devoted to managing pollution. This remediation process has to deal with some of the world’s worst environmental problems on a daily basis.


Deadly Issues in Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater contamination is one of the most common, and most difficult, environmental problems. Contaminants may include oil, chemicals, heavy metals, and other poisonous substances. In some cases, contamination is so bad that water can’t be used at all. You couldn’t even use it to wash your car.

The other problem is that these contaminants will remain in the groundwater until the problems are solved. Prevention, obviously, is the best solution. In some cases, however, prevention and a cure must work together.

A good example of this type of problem is a case which occurred in Sydney. Serious contamination had released oil into groundwater. A total of 12 different types of contaminants were present in groundwater, including metals, in large quantities. These materials, if ingested, could be fatal to humans, or cause serious health issues. If released into the environment, the materials could also cause long-term contamination for fish and the local food chain.

The need was to both deal with the existing problem and prevent future problems. The solution was to develop a site-specific project to extract and eliminate contaminants using MyCelx filters, a top-of-the-line, modern wastewater filtration system.

Wastewater filtration and customised problem-solving delivered excellent results in this case. It should be noted that any incident of groundwater contamination may involve multiple factors. Each situation requires individual problem-solving and systems adapted to managing contamination issues.


Long Term Solutions

One of the major problems in groundwater remediation is simple enough – Understanding the problems. Most people don’t understand how dangerous contaminated water can be and how much damage it can do. Best practice is to implement long-term solutions using the latest technology to completely eliminate current groundwater and future contamination.

The bottom line here is that current problems can become expensive future problems. In many industries, groundwater contamination can also be a major legal risk. The good news is that MyCelx technology is drastically improving the cost efficiency of groundwater remediation. New treatments, new filtration systems, water purification systems, ozone treatments, and other advanced technologies are making the work easier, cheaper and quicker. The results speak for themselves.


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