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Increase Efficiency by Reusing Water

Recycling and reusing water is the most cost-efficient approach to industrial water usage. In Australia, one of the driest continents on earth, water is a valuable commodity. On an industrial scale, it is also one of the most expensive commodities.

Another major issue is water supply and water handling. If you consider the infrastructure required to deliver and manage industrial scale water supplies, the issues become glaringly obvious. It’s easy to see that there is an obvious need to balance costs and performance. Piping in fresh water at great expense when you can use recycled water far more cheaply doesn’t make a lot of economic or business sense.

Many industries, notably the mining industry and the agricultural sector, regularly use enormous amounts of water. Much of this water is contaminated by industrial processes, but with new technology, nearly all of that water can be reclaimed and reused quite simply.

Wash water treatments can remove solids, oils, and other organic contaminants. For examples purposes water can be recycled at a rate of 10,000L per hour. Think of that water in dollar terms (generally $0.80-$1.00/L)and you can see why water recycling and water re-usage is now top of the agenda in many sectors.

Recycled and reusing water doesn’t need additional major infrastructure; all it needs is the core technology. From a purely bottom-line perspective, water recycling can deliver very high values from day one of installation.


Reusing Water: Practical, High-Value Solutions

If your operating budget is getting “water cost fatigue”, recycling is a very practical option. Water recycling and reuse can deliver practical solutions immediately. Better still, you can use reliable working metrics to evaluate the dollar benefits in using these technologies.

Don’t be too surprised if your first evaluation shows seven-digit cost benefits. The larger the scale of the operation, the better the cost benefits will be. Water recycling and reuse increases cost-efficiency on an exponential basis.

Better still, operating and maintenance costs are quite low. Good system suppliers will also provide all the services you need and technical support as required. You can look forward to long-term improvement in your water costs and a much more comfortable bottom line for your budget in this area.


Custom Water Recycling

Many industrial operations involve unique factors. In the mining industry, for example, the location, type of mining and extraction may present a range of specific water requirements for that working environment. The good news for miners is that water recycling can be adapted to any kind of mining operation.

Better still, the top suppliers of water recycling technologies speak “mining language” fluently. They know how complex mining operations can be and they know how to deliver custom-designed water recycling facilities on site to manage the issues.


Need Help with Groundwater, Or Water Treatments

Oleology offers a complete range of water recycling and reuse facilities, using the latest technologies. If you’d like to explore your options for water recycling technology, we’re here to help. Contact us online or speak to our experts directly on 1300 692 359. We’ll be happy to provide any technical guidance, support, or any other assistance you require.