Reducing Marine Impact and Saving Money with Water Treatment

Fun fact – a glass of drinking water from your tap at home has more copper in it than you are allowed to dispense into the environment under ANZECC guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be worried about getting copper poisoning from your drinking water. It’s just a little insight into how strict wastewater regulations are.

Owners and operators of marinas, slipways and boatsheds should think about their current systems that are in place to prevent contaminants entering the marine environment. It’s essential for protecting the environment, preventing liability issues and ensuring people can enjoy their boating and fishing for years to come.

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Contamination Risks on Marinas

This article started by bringing up copper because it represents a significant problem for marina businesses, as it is one of the most common contaminants that can enter waterways around marinas. This is because it comes off very easily from the bottom of the hull of boats in wash down areas.

When boats dock at your marina, you should ensure they can wash down without discharging oily, contaminated water into the marina or harbour. Discharging bilge water out of fishing, merchant and commercial vessels is essential, but untreated bilge water cannot be emptied into the ocean. All ships are obligated to monitor the amount of oil in their discharged bilge water.

Marina Treatment Systems

Quality marina treatment systems, such as those offered by OLEOLOGY, can help you effectively capture contaminants and pollutants associated with boat maintenance facilities. This includes preventing hydrocarbons, industrial waste, sediments, heavy metals, litter and any other chemicals from polluting the marina water.

Our innovative, patented MyCelx filters are able to remove 99.999% of oil and other contaminants, guaranteeing your wastewater meets the required levels for legal discharge back into the marine environment. With other measures such as spill clean-up kits and containment booms, you can ensure that you can always prevent contamination and any liability.

Due diligence is also important for reducing the risk of contamination. This includes ensuring drains, car parks, gardens around the property are clean and litter free, as well as making sure that hazardous materials like fuel, chemicals and oil are correctly stored and segregated.

Benefits of Using Effective Treatment Systems

Having an effective treatment system isn’t just about protecting the environment and preventing liability. You can save water and therefore a huge amount of money by implementing these systems.

When OLEOLOGY systems are implemented, you can:

  • Recycle 100 per cent of water used in maintenance operations
  • Monitor water quality in real-time online
  • Reduce your water bills dramatically
  • Guarantee compliance with environmental regulations
  • Reduce costs for environmental monitoring, sampling and reporting

We custom build our solutions so they suit your particular needs, and they are scalable to meet any discharge requirement and flow rates. For more information, call us today on 1300 305 723 or contact us online.