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The Process of Separating Oil from Water

2Water treatment technology has evolved at a rapid pace over the past 10 years. This is fortunate, as treating wastewater is essential in many industries to avoid environmental damage and to reduce operational costs.

Removing oil and hydrocarbons from water used in industrial activities has been one of the greatest challenges in the water treatment space. OLEOLOGY is proud to be among the leading innovators in this area.


MyCelx Advanced Oil Removal Technology

Implementing MyCelx Technology, OLEOLOGY created a scientific breakthrough in removing oil from water with the MyCelx polymer. This has allowed us to solve many major problems for the oil and gas, mining and marine industries – providing sustainable water treatment.

The MyCelx polymer is an innovative, patented process that moves beyond traditional treatment methods of mechanical, filter and chemical separation. Instead, we use molecular cohesion to permanently remove oil from water. This method means oil is removed to less than 1 ppm, a previously unheard of result.


Limits of Conventional Technology

MyCelx was developed to reducing harmful contaminants from entering up and downstream with the ability to remove dry waste with the oil chemically bound to the filter. Stormwater and industrial wastewater can destroy marine ecosystems by affecting how fish reproduce, disrupt marine industries like commercial and recreational fishing and boating, and risk polluting our precious supplies of drinking water.

Conventional treatment systems simply were not doing a good enough job. Environmental damage was still prevalent with these systems, which are also expensive and cumbersome to maintain. Existing systems also involves large civil works and expenses whereas the small above ground OLEOLOGY system will lower costs and compliment as a retrofit instal.  By surveying every problem with traditional oily water filtration systems and then, one by one, resolving them with law compliant discharging levels. Civil works alone increased


Reusable Water

Once oily water has been treated by OLEOLOGY, it is clean enough to be safely released into the environment or repurposed for other uses such as cleaning, irrigation and dust suppression. It is the only technology certified by Lloyd’s Register for oily water treatment and discharges into marine environments.

With water clean enough to reuse, many companies can drastically reduce operational costs in industries that rely heavily on water use, such as mining and agriculture. Our treatment system can recycle approximately 10,000 litres of water per hour, representing significant cost savings

OLEOLOGY Water Technology

OLEOLOGY offers customised water treatment solutions across Australia and overseas. We can assist local governments, mining and petroleum companies, marinas and any other industries interested in treating wastewater. Our clients include Shell, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, City of Perth, NSW Maritime, Whitehaven, Chevron and more.

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