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How Water Purification Can Save You Money

Water purification is usually understood to mean drinking water purification or agricultural water treatments. But there’s another use for water purification and it’s a critical factor in environmental management.

Stormwater runoff is a major issue for city councils. The sheer amount and variety of contaminants in the runoff is a problem only a few people ever have to deal with. The problem is that these contaminants – if released in to water systems eg. Sewer or rivers – can cause huge environmental “collateral damage”.

The average city street contains a range of contaminants. Oil leaks, chemicals and paint are just some of the chemicals you may find. The common factor is that they’re all toxic, making water purification an essential operation.

The other issue is that in most Australian cities, the older stormwater drains were never designed to take into account the effects of releasing stormwater. What happened downstream from the drains wasn’t a planning issue. The result is that most Australian cities now have significant issues with runoff contamination.

The biggest problem by far is hydrocarbons from traffic. Most councils have to spread their revenue dollars thinly and managing runoff for large stormwater systems definitely isn’t cheap. That’s now changing, with new stormwater management systems designed to remove contaminants from the system quickly and cheaply.

The New Way to Manage Water Purification

A revolutionary and timely new technology has come to the rescue of Australian cities in the form of MyCelx systems. MyCelx provides a straightforward way of managing stormwater contaminants before they even enter the drainage system.  Special MyCelx systems target hydrocarbons, and in combination with other systems, have been used very successfully in Perth City Depots, Stirling, and the Fremantle Port Authority to combat pollution.

This multi-tier approach to managing contaminants is thorough, highly efficient, and very cost-effective, ultimately saving millions each year.

Matching Solutions to Problems

The other side of this issue is that local problems with runoff need to be custom managed. Stormwater drainage systems, as every council engineer knows all too well, can have their own quirks. Some systems receive a unique mix of contaminants. Others have issues with high volume contamination due to land use. Solutions must be case-specific, and above all, targeted to managing the big problems on an ongoing basis. The key to success in managing contaminants is based on a combination of custom needs and applied science.

Looking for Some Help with Water Purification?

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