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Water Treatment Plants

OLEOLOGY provides a full spectrum of water treatment services for a broad range of Australian industries. We provide decontamination and filtration services to our clients on a case-specific basis, tailoring solutions to client needs.


Water Treatment Essentials

Depending on the industry, water treatment compliance may require strict measurement of water contaminants, recycling of water, and monitoring systems. Contaminants may include solids, oil, and in some cases, chemical additives used in materials processing.

Water treatment requirements may vary according to the industry and the nature of the contaminants requiring treatment. The most important issue for some industries is to ensure availability of reusable water and reduce water wastage. This is a major cost benefit and practical need in many types of industry, especially remote regions.


OLEOLOGY Water Treatment Systems

OLEOLOGY has very broad experience in the management of water treatment systems. Our services are based on a multi-stage treatment process, designed according to the needs of clients:


Stage 1: Solids and oil removal:

This stage removes dirt, debris, oils, and other solids from water prior to filtration through a multi-phased array of detention tanks and sump system.


Stage 2: Water polishing:

A filtration process using MyCelx filters with appropriate chemical treatment to ensure water quality, pH levels, and compliance with environmental law requirements.


Stage 3: Water quality monitoring:

A critical part of water treatment, monitoring ensures effective ongoing water quality management. Monitoring also provides useful data regarding water compliance and accurate metrics for management.


As you can see from our featured case study for water treatment plants, OLEOLOGY delivers high-performance outcomes. We design our systems to achieve a full-service solution for our clients.


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Water Treatment Plants