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When “Wastewater” Isn’t Wasted: Mining Water Treatment

In an environmental climate where the global demand for water has increased at a rate of about 1 per cent over the past decade as a factor of population growth, economic development and change in consumption patterns there is little to indicate growth of consumption will slow; in fact industrial and domestic demand for water will increase faster than any other type of water demand[1].


Industrial water usage alone accounts for 20% of Australia’s total water consumption annually[2].  This includes manufacturing, food processing and the water-heavy mining industry. Mining operations often take place in remote and rural areas where water is used in large quantities and often needs to be self supplied.

To combat wasted water in mining operations and other applications, OLEOLOGY utilises scientifically advanced water treatment solutions to transform wastewater and power water-reliant environments.



Utilising superior MyCelx technology, OLEOLOGY provides systems that bond with oil and hydrocarbons to remove 99.9999% of contaminants from wastewater. Our water recycling wash bays remove oil, grease, fuel and a range of other pollutants from common mining industry applications. This recycled water is practically pollutant-free, allowing it to be reused for a range of mining purposes.


Dust Suppression

Dust suppression is one of the most important operations in a mining environment. Removing dust protects equipment and workers, as well as ensuring air quality. Recycled wastewater using MyCelx technology can be implemented for on-site dust suppression purposes, protecting your mines and reducing your reliance on fresh water.


Washing and Hosing Down Purposes

Our technology can decontaminate wastewater to less than one part per million, making it ideal for washing and hosing down equipment. This is essential for vehicle and facility maintenance in mining environments, providing increased productivity for your operations.


 Reuse in Non-Drinking Applications

The remote nature of many mining operations makes onsite facilities absolutely essential. While wastewater shouldn’t be used for drinking, it can be used for a range of purposes, such as toilets and hand washing on site. This could provide some much-needed relief to your freshwater usage, saving resources and money for your job.


Wet Screening

Like many essential mining applications, wet screening systems rely on water. As a form of mechanical screening, wet screening separates fine and oversized materials, placing them into their respective grades. By using our MyCelx decontamination systems, you can effectively reuse wastewater for wet screening purposes.

These are just a few of the applications for decontaminated wastewater in mining environments. To learn more, explore our mining water treatment solutions here.


Clean Wastewater Is Compliant Wastewater

As well as allowing you to reuse your wastewater, OLEOLOGY’s decontamination technologies also allow you to meet your regulatory requirements. Our systems ensure that your water and wastewater decontamination exceeds environmental requirements, providing extra peace of mind for your operations.


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