Water Recycling

The High Values of Industrial Wastewater Filtration

In an incredibly complex and equally strict regulatory environment, the obvious advantage of wastewater filtration is compliance. In other words, by adopting a system that reduces contaminants to EPA regulations, you can remain on the right side of environmental regulations and avoid the financial and legal costs that come with non-compliance.

However, while this is important for companies, it would be erroneous to say that this is where the commercial benefits of wastewater filtration end. According to the ABS, industries like mining use 768 gigalitres or 4.4% of Australia’s total water consumption in a calendar year[1]. This sort of consumption involves a lot of wastewater and therefore plenty of opportunities for businesses to make commercial savings.


Asset Recovery Is the Name of the Game for Companies

 According to a BlueTech market insight report that focused on wastewater in six key industries, resource recovery is one of the key drivers behind wastewater treatment[2]. While this report examined North America and Europe, the team here at OLEOLOGY concurs with this sentiment entirely.

Resource recovery can be divided into two equally value-adding categories: water recycling and primary asset recovery. Let’s examine each of these in the context of some of the industries that OLEOLOGY serves.


Water Recycling in the Mining Industry

As previously mentioned, 2014-15 saw the mining industry consume 768 gigalitres of water, a truly staggering figure. However, this 4% share of Australia’s water usage also represents significant opportunities for the mining industry.

OLEOLOGY’s oil-water separation technology can reduce contaminant levels in wastewater down to 0.0001%, allowing your mining businesses to leverage this newly clean water for a range of purposes. In the mining industry, dust suppression is a heavily water-reliant operation that especially benefits from clean wastewater. Rather than having to use even more fresh water and money for dust suppression and other operations, the mining industry can leverage this otherwise untapped resource.

You can learn more about the practical applications of water recycling by seeing how OLEOLOGY assisted a national coal mining company in NSW.


Primary Asset Recovery for a Range of Industrial Applications

 Whether you’re in the mining industry or you work in oil & gas, industrial wastewater has the potential to hold your assets captive. In other words, a portion of your product will end up in contaminated wastewater, with the effluent acting as a barrier between you and a portion of your profits.

By separating oil and other contaminants from the water with 99.9995% efficiency, OLEOLOGY’s MyCelx system gives companies access to their otherwise wasted assets. The commercial implications of this recovery on a large-scale or ongoing project can be significant.


Optimise Your Assets with OLEOLOGY

 Regardless of the industry you work in, active attempts to combat environmental degradation will also be positive for your corporate image.

To take advantage of this, and the other commercial benefits of industrial wastewater filtration, ask OLEOLOGY about the best solution for your circumstances. Contact us today for solutions throughout Australia, Asia and NZ.