Why Is MyCelx So Effective?

At OLEOLOGY, we are proud to use scientifically advanced MyCelx technology to achieve our goals for cleaner water in Australia and New Zealand. The advanced, custom solutions we create for clients using MyCelx are more efficient and more cost-effective. They eliminate the need to worry about compliance liability, time-consuming testing, or unnecessary water waste.

MyCelx truly represents a scientific breakthrough in water treatment. In this article, we’re going to unravel the secrets to success and explain why you should consider our MyCelx water treatment solutions.


Mechanical Filtration vs. Permanent Contaminant Removal

Most conventional systems separate oil and other contaminants from water using a mechanical filtration system and/or chemical injection. These systems have a range of failings that result in oil being released back into the water.

MyCelx doesn’t use mechanical filtration. Instead, the patented MyCelx polymer was created, a compound that permanently binds with contaminants upon contact to irreversibly remove them from the water stream.

The MyCelx compound causes the contaminants to thicken and traps them in the MyCelx filters. This achieves an unprecedented level of decontamination – reducing oil to 1 part per million or less in treated water.

You can learn more about the science behind MyCelx in our FAQs.


Easy to Use on the Move 

A water-oil removal system needs to achieve peak efficacy in any operational environment. MyCelx systems are engineered with this in mind. They are extremely simple to install and operate, meaning minimal training is required, reducing the barriers to effective operation.

OLEOLOGY can also engineer compact and portable systems using the superior MyCelx technology. This makes MyCelx the preferred technology for constrained spaces, offshore deployments and similar requirements. It can be deployed rapidly, acquired cost-effectively and installed quickly, making it an industry-leader for emergency water treatment requirements.


 Protecting the Environment with Zero Negative Impact

With a previously unheard of 99.9999% contaminant removal, the initial environmental benefits of MyCelx are obvious. These systems remove oil, hydrocarbons and other waste, protecting the environment and your compliance responsibilities.

However, MyCelx is also a zero waste process. The MyCelx polymer is created using natural, raw materials and there are no chemicals, waste or by-products involved in the process.


You can learn more about the environmental benefits of MyCelx here.

What Else Sets MyCelx Apart?

MyCelx stands apart from other water treatment solutions at every step in the process. OLEOLOGY’s MyCelx systems are innovative, low-maintenance and environmentally green. Other ways MyCelx systems exceed expectations include:

  • offering a range of cost savings including low capital cost, no specialised tools and minimal maintenance requirements
  • providing a non-toxic, non-leaching system that’s approved by the US EPA
  • implementing a colour change system so you know when to change a MyCelx filter
  • providing a system with a virtually indefinite shelf life – MyCelx can continually treat water and only saturated filters require replacing
  • treating emulsions as well as free oil, ensuring no visible oil sheen


Read more fast technology facts about MyCelx here.


Custom MyCelx Solutions with OLEOLOGY

OLEOLOGY can implement MyCelx technology to assist or replace conventional systems that no longer meet your goals. By choosing OLEOLOGY and MyCelx, you’re choosing a fully customised system that is internationally proven in a range of industries, including oil & gas, government, and marine environments.

To discuss a custom water treatment solution that meets your requirements, call 1300 948 756 or contact us today.