Water Treatment

Water Treatment in Business: Best Values for Best Dollar Returns

For businesses that rely heavily on water, superior treatment technology is vital to their ongoing profitability. With the right water treatment solutions in place, businesses can maximise efficiencies, minimise resource loss and improve bottom line profits.

Here is how OLEOLOGY, along with MyCelx technology, can provide the best dollar returns for your business.


Low Capital and Operating Costs

For a water treatment system to save you money, it needs to be implemented alongside or in lieu of existing systems at a reasonable price. Low start-up costs give businesses a financial head start with their water treatment expenses.

MyCelx boasts a small physical footprint and the lowest total capital and operating costs of any technology. This is achieved through:

  • low manpower requirements and an operator-friendly nature, meaning minimal initial training is required
  • simple maintenance and low overall maintenance requirements
  • no need for, any specialised tools, or chemical dosing
  • MyCelx’s indefinite shelf life and water treatment capacity


Fully Customised Efficiency

OLEOLOGY’s MyCelx systems don’t just operate for a fraction of the price; they exceed conventional systems in terms of performance. MyCelx can remove oil and contaminants to less than one part per million without sheen discharge. It achieves these unprecedented levels without mechanical separation or chemical injection, meaning no extra expenses in these areas (including chemical storage costs).

By removing several steps from the process, MyCelx avoids system bottlenecks and prevents failures and recontamination. This means a more streamlined treatment and no need for secondary treatments to ensure compliance.

Perhaps most importantly, OLEOLOGY can create a custom water treatment solution for you using MyCelx technology.


Avoid Fines and Eliminate Non-Compliance

 With all this information in place, it’s easy to see how the best system can save your business the most money. For example, MyCelx’s unrivalled and proven treatment systems are well below standard requirements for the discharge of wastewater, meaning you can dump water without fines for contamination.

Upgrading non-compliant systems can have a range of other benefits, too, ensuring you’re using the latest technology and being as efficient as possible.


Maximise Resources and Assets

Government-compliant water won’t just help you avoid fines. It can also save you money by allowing you to recycle wastewater For example, a mining company can reuse treated wastewater for dust suppression, wet screening, washing down, and other applications. This saves mining companies money on daily fresh water expenses and maximises resource efficiency.

Similarly, by separating water from its contaminant, MyCelx treatments give companies access to an otherwise wasted portion of their assets. Oil and gas companies are one example of businesses that can enjoy significant savings by recovering assets in large-scale operations.


Marine Discharge Compliance & On-Board Systems

OLEOLOGY systems are a cost-effective way to achieve Clean Marina accreditation for vessels that need to safely discharge water. Furthermore, OLEOLOGY can provide MyCelx treatment systems on board your ship. Not only will this allow you to legally discharge bilge water at sea – avoiding non-compliance and fines – but it will also avoid the significant costs that can be associated with high-volume onshore treatment.


Choose MyCelx for Your Business

From operation to liability to insurance and compliance, OLEOLOGY can save your business money. If you operate in the oil & gas industry, marine environments or you run a mining business or local council, talk to OLEOLOGY to implement a better solution.

We can upgrade or replace your current water system – providing great results and great savings. Call us today on 1300 948 756 or contact OLEOLOGY online.